Last update: Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 12:13 AM.
Writing a single-page "howto" website
    • Suppose you want to create a single-page website at this address:
    • You're going to edit it in the OPML Editor, and access it through an instance of worldoutline.root.
    • 1. On your server, bring worldOutline.root to the front and choose Update Front Tool from the Tools menu. Also update opml.root.
    • 2. On your workstation, update opml.root.
    • 3. On your workstation, jump to user.opmlEditor.prefs.worldOutlineServer. In the value, change with the domain name of your world outline server.
    • Note it may take as much as a minute after updating for this value to appear.
    • 1. Visit the registrar for and create a CNAME called foo, and point it to the server that's running your instance of worldoutline.root.
    • 2. Open the root outline for your world outline root.
    • 3. Anywhere in the hierarchy of that outline, create a headline. Enter a title. This is the text that the reader will see when they navigate to your site through worldoutline.root.
    • 3. Choose Set nodetype from the World Outline sub-menu of the Outliner menu. Enter howto and click OK.
    • 4. Choose Set domain from the World Outline sub-menu of the Outliner menu. Enter and click OK.
    • 5. Enter the text of your howto document. Save it.
    • In your browser, go to You should see the text of your howto. We hope.